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  • Finish new archery range. It saves bolts. We need bolts.

Note gaps between the targets and channels to the east.

  • We could use some new bedrooms. I think some people have two.
  • Might want to tweak some job assignments. Maybe our gem setter shouldn’t also be the manager.
  • ┬áConsider restricting the marksdwarves to a burrow by name. They’re not much use if they leave that spot.
  • The current stockpile and workshop layout could be cleaned up.
  • Might want to do something with hidden/forbidden stones in the great hall to keep plants from growing in the mud.
  • Carry on with the adamantine industry.

  • We might build an outdoor tower for the marksdwarves.
  • I haven’t touched the livestock.
  • I haven’t done anything with the ceramic industry.
  • I haven’t done much with gem setting. I’ve moved the operation to the lower fortress with the magma forges, because it will be easier to use burrow restrictions with all of the workshops down there.
  • You might do some more sophisticated scheduling/alerts. I barely understand the interface. We do at least have 46 full time military dwarves.
  • I haven’t touched the caverns, except to dump water through one.
  • It wouldn’t hurt to build a new graveyard, further from the goings on of the fortress.
  • I have this notion of using the old hall/farms area as a staging area for our melee dwarves. We need bait animals to entice the goblins into the hallway. When they’re in, close the drawbridge, then unlock the doors, unleashing our troops. The defenses never seem to work out, because we’re always rescuing someone who’s outside. Dwarves are stupid.

    Floodgates block the depot from the front gate.

    Cole1114, you’re up. I’m sorry for the delay.

Here’s the file:


21st Obsidian Ambush by goblin crossbowmen. General display of incompetence and doing-the-worst-possible-thing by our marksdwarves, followed by abrupt slaughter from our melee dwarves.

Ambush by goblin archers.

Ushat, an off duty archer gets caught outside.

Luckily, he’s a fast runner. Unluckily, he runs PAST the front gate.

Our bait-puppies – er, watch dogs – draw the lead goblins to the front gate.

I activate the marksdwarves to attack from their firing ports, but they futz around looking for bolts. Ushat, on the other hand, once activated, charges back at the goblins.

Oh boy.

“Hey, Ushat! That’s not how it works.”

Ushat charges into the middle of the goblins. The rest of our marksdwarves fire volley after volley into the one disabled goblin archer closest to them.

‘Tis but a scratch.

Finally, the melee dwarves arrive and the mutilation begins.

The last goblin tries to run, but is cut down not far from the front gate.

Next, 1st Granite: handover.

I have decided that our dining arrangements are insufficient.

Big plans

A snatcher makes it surprisingly far into the fort. Aban Olinshur makes short work of him.

You won't be needing that sandal anymore.

20th Timber: The autumn caravan has arrived. I buy out their premium foods, bolts, leather (in great quantities), threads, glass and metals, in exchange for goblinite and a few prepared meals. After trading I make an offering to the mountainhomes of 20,991 Urist worth of our produce, mostly prepared meal stacks. I’ve noticed our cook is not producing as well as I would like. I see he is splitting is time between farming and cooking. That will never do.

Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

The liaison has come to tell us that we have become a county.

Superaub will be insufferable.

I think we can put that to good use.

Here is the liaison’s request for our produce:

I think we can accommodate you, especially with that last bit.

After hauling all of the various loot about, Sepik “The Builder” our architect informs me that the dining hall is complete, including the new waterfall! I order the switch flipped and eagerly wait to see if we all drown.

The new lever room is north of the bedrooms, frankly because I couldn't think of a better area. The red lever is the main shutoff. The two nearby levers are for depressurizing the water from the aquifer.

The aquifer is our water source.

The water falls down a level and gets split into 4 separate spouts.

The upper level of the hall. Our new hospital is to the north, with its own well. The booze stores are to the east.

The new hall, with silver grates to catch the water. Meal storage is to the east.

The water falls through those grates, and passes over this down stair which leads to the cistern. The channeled shaft to the east of that is the wells' access to the cistern.

Here's the cistern for the hospital and jail wells. The drainage gate there is controlled from the lever to the NNE of the red shutoff lever.

The water falls down a lengthy stairwell and out these fortifications into the first cavern layer.

Ultimately flowing off the map.

Woo hoo! It worked on the first try!

1st of Hematite, we have commenced work upon the solarium. Exposure to the sky is useful for certain parts of a fort. The miasma from rotten food wafts away from the butcher shop and the tanners. Garbage can sit around for a while without stinking up the place, and our soldiers can train in the sun, so that they don’t get sick when fighting outside. Of course, we don’t want to let the baddies in, so we need to build a roof:

The roof.

Well, it's not too shabby, but the masterwork is happening somewhere else.

I’d like to build it with clear glass blocks, but we don’t have sand. No matter, the ventilation will clean out spaces on four levels of our fortress, quite sufficient, though it will take much channeling and rebuilding of floors.

1st of Malachite: Ach! I got “creative” with channeling designations and we have two casualties. Sazir Besmartost, craftdwarf is seriously injured, as is Doren Asizoddom, the miner. Sazir is a recent migrant and, truth be told, will not be missed. Doren, on the other hand is a skilled miner. At least they are easy to train.

Dwarves in the hospital.

Summer migration wave brings 8 potential recruits. I need to start creating some new squads.

14th Galena, Human traders arrive. Ast is eating. I make Etur Logamamem the Dwarf of Leisure. (That is, the broker.) Etur immediately goes to sleep, so Superaub is broker again for now. (After he finishes eating.) Goblinite weapons get us a load of chese, cloth, some metal bars and a variety of surface crop boozes.

19th Galena. Ambush! Goblin lashers catch Sazir Atulrith the engraver outside hauling wood. He’s an off duty soldier so he’s wearing armor, but he’s outnumbered 6 to 1. Since he’s off duty, he runs away. I sound the alarm and send civilians to safety.

Ambush! Curse them!

Eral Lathonedem, Carpenter apparently doesn’t hear the alarm, and is also caught outside hauling wood. Usbo Holdseduce seems much faster than the other goblins. She can keep up with Sazir and attack him occasionally, but, so far, he’s dodging everything.

The goblin’s leader is an archer, so I send out the Stakes of Mining (our marksdwarves) to rescue Eral and Sazir. They run across a goblin snatcher, and open fire. Udil Titthaltun is only wearing one steel boot and gets an iron dagger to the foot. >:-( Olon Kilrungongith does what any red blooded marksdwarf would do in the situation and tries to club the master thief with his crossbow. Ngokan has a broken spine, broken right leg and a fractured spleen, but that’s not enough to stop him from knocking the marksdwarf unconscious with a single stab to the upper arm, through his steel mail shirt.

Hand to hand is not Udil's forte.

A bad day at work for all parties involved.

The thief plunges his dagger into the marksdwarf’s head, hand to hand combat is not Udil’s forte. Kulet has come to the party without his warhammer, but commences beating the now unconscious theif with his shield, he bruises the heart and shatters the skull, but incredibly, Nish Cogcatten Kezkigazmol Ikor gets the kill, skewering the theif’s skull with his spear.

The squad of lashers has made it near the fortress, and our marksdwarves divert from their ordered stations to engage them. I order the rest of their squads to join them, Sazir and Eral will have to be on their own for now. At this point, I may as well activate Sazir’s squad, since running away is no longer in the cards. At least he is well separated from the rest of the lashers. (A few quick strokes later, and Usbo Seducehold has leaves her brains on the meadow.) Urvad Abodfikod chops off both of a goblin’s arms, before another shatters both of his legs through his steel greaves with two blows, and administers a coup de grace with a third. The goblin then takes a bolt to the spinal cord and collapses. Erib Kiblun gives a goblin a silver warhammer to the brain and its corpse flies into a cliff like a rag doll, he then goes berserk, repeatedly bashing the paralyzed goblin’s hands and feet with his hammer.


Aban Olinoshur charges in to create multiple hauling jobs for peasants with his axe. The new garbage compactor will come in handy.

Hauling jobs

With two spear strokes, Zulban Bersefol breaks both of the goblin squad leader’s femurs and the battle is all but over.

"Extreme Pain" I should think so.

A great deal of refuse hauling later and our armorsmith, Momuz Omdodok, has gone into a fey mood. He made Tangakudist Seshakim, a copper high boot. It would be worth 90,480 Urist, if we could sell it. It will come in handy in the meantime. (Actually, it won’t but don’t tell that to Momuz, he seems so happy.) I’ve just created a new squad and expanded our existing ones, so we could use the armoring.

At least Momuz will make the titanic leap from Master Armorer to Legendary Armorer.

The solarium is at least largely complete. Here is the first “underground” level:

Our new rubbish heap and whip vine farms.

2nd sunlit area for food processing.


4th sunlit level is a statue garden, but our dwarves are too busy hauling to do much partying.

Sazir Besmartost fell victim to infection. It appears we need some soap.

Next up: Fall, water.


Turning to the military… I see that our animal trainer is a civilian. I tell our captains to train the war dogs from here on out, not that we have many. The dogs will follow their trainers into combat, but after their inevitable sacrifice, they won’t be missed because the aren’t anybody’s pets.

Our squads are equiped with a mix of leather and metal armors in a way which I don’t believe is compatible. We have plenty of iron ore, flux and magma. This can only mean one thing: STEEL! Looking through the junk at our doorstep, it appears the goblins are exporting masks. These can be reused to protect our soldiers faces, which would otherwise be exposed.

That's more like it.

I see we have one of Armok’s whiskers! My predecessors have begun to tunnel around it, and I see fit to continue their work.

Whoops! Sorry Ashtesh.

It appears we have lost a miner to a magma pocket. Oops. I’ll need to engrave a slab.

Migrants have arrived: 21 new recruits! Well, 19 plus Monom Tourroofs High Master Engraver and a Kadol Cuttorches a High Master Surgeon.

I order all of our finished goods sent to the depot. 6 pages of troll fur clothing, stiff with goblin blood!

An alarm goes up: a black bear is frightening civilians. I hope those chicken livered elves don’t run off. I send a squad out to dispatch it.

That's some real fighting spirit there, Ast.

Our steel investment pays dividends.

Now that's a story to take your mind off the gutter cruor.

Luckily, the elves stick around to trade. Unluckily, our trader is dallying.

The baron is indisposed.

It appears that superaub has appointed himself baron, broker, bookkeeper and manager.

His reach exceeds his grasp.

I promote Ast the Jeweler to be broker, as he has some appraisal ability. He promptly takes a nap. I change his title to “Dwarf of Leisure”. Sigh. After some delay, we trade the elves a mountain of loincloths and slightly used sandals in exchange for everything of value that the elves possess (that is, cloth) in the hopes that they bring something better next year.

After much neglect, I, Yacheritsi, have taken over as leader of reddit’s fortress, Scorchingfurnace. In the interests of publishing something before I go on vacation, I’m not going to spend the time to write things in character, but I hope to have things amply documented otherwise.

Some quick thoughts upon first arrival:

  • This fort seems to have a lot of microcline.
  • Some of the inner areas seem oddly cramped into the elbow of the hill. The depths here are deep indeed, it seems to me we shouldn’t be constrained by the lay of the land like human twig-builders.
  • There’s a gap in our excavations which breaches the surface.
  • Our fort could use a back door.
  • I’m not sure this waterfall was ever destined for success.

  • Why is all of this goblinite marked for dumping? I undesignate the dump command. (Haulers were taking troll fur loincloths deep within the bowels of the fort to the magma works.) With some celerity, the haulers take the loot to the finished goods stockpile near the depot. Our brook has been designated as a refuse dump and there is also offal in a below ground chamber. We need a sanitary garbage disposal solution!
  • I see that our fortifications are set up so that activated marksdwarves with loiter near the fortifications without actually shooting through them. I’ll need to build some walls to keep the cowards at their posts.
  • The lever to close the (retracting!) bridge is within line of sight to the door, a civilian ordered to pull the lever will run in terror before he can do his job.
  • Perhaps the meeting hall and hospital should not be next to the front gate?
  • Our soldiers are practicing in the dark.
  • There is limited food storage, and workshop slots are used for storage.
  • We have starving animals in our meeting hall.
  • There is no means to recover practice bolts. (More on this later.)

  • Clearly, the stockpiles have not seen much attention in the past 3 years. Our fortress seems to be inconveniently situated over a partial aquifer. I suppose it’s not too inconvenient, and it may come in handy if we can avoid flooding the fort.

Next, early actions.