21st Obsidian Ambush by goblin crossbowmen. General display of incompetence and doing-the-worst-possible-thing by our marksdwarves, followed by abrupt slaughter from our melee dwarves.

Ambush by goblin archers.

Ushat, an off duty archer gets caught outside.

Luckily, he’s a fast runner. Unluckily, he runs PAST the front gate.

Our bait-puppies – er, watch dogs – draw the lead goblins to the front gate.

I activate the marksdwarves to attack from their firing ports, but they futz around looking for bolts. Ushat, on the other hand, once activated, charges back at the goblins.

Oh boy.

“Hey, Ushat! That’s not how it works.”

Ushat charges into the middle of the goblins. The rest of our marksdwarves fire volley after volley into the one disabled goblin archer closest to them.

‘Tis but a scratch.

Finally, the melee dwarves arrive and the mutilation begins.

The last goblin tries to run, but is cut down not far from the front gate.

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