I have decided that our dining arrangements are insufficient.

Big plans

A snatcher makes it surprisingly far into the fort. Aban Olinshur makes short work of him.

You won't be needing that sandal anymore.

20th Timber: The autumn caravan has arrived. I buy out their premium foods, bolts, leather (in great quantities), threads, glass and metals, in exchange for goblinite and a few prepared meals. After trading I make an offering to the mountainhomes of 20,991 Urist worth of our produce, mostly prepared meal stacks. I’ve noticed our cook is not producing as well as I would like. I see he is splitting is time between farming and cooking. That will never do.

Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

The liaison has come to tell us that we have become a county.

Superaub will be insufferable.

I think we can put that to good use.

Here is the liaison’s request for our produce:

I think we can accommodate you, especially with that last bit.

After hauling all of the various loot about, Sepik “The Builder” our architect informs me that the dining hall is complete, including the new waterfall! I order the switch flipped and eagerly wait to see if we all drown.

The new lever room is north of the bedrooms, frankly because I couldn't think of a better area. The red lever is the main shutoff. The two nearby levers are for depressurizing the water from the aquifer.

The aquifer is our water source.

The water falls down a level and gets split into 4 separate spouts.

The upper level of the hall. Our new hospital is to the north, with its own well. The booze stores are to the east.

The new hall, with silver grates to catch the water. Meal storage is to the east.

The water falls through those grates, and passes over this down stair which leads to the cistern. The channeled shaft to the east of that is the wells' access to the cistern.

Here's the cistern for the hospital and jail wells. The drainage gate there is controlled from the lever to the NNE of the red shutoff lever.

The water falls down a lengthy stairwell and out these fortifications into the first cavern layer.

Ultimately flowing off the map.

Woo hoo! It worked on the first try!