• Finish new archery range. It saves bolts. We need bolts.

Note gaps between the targets and channels to the east.

  • We could use some new bedrooms. I think some people have two.
  • Might want to tweak some job assignments. Maybe our gem setter shouldn’t also be the manager.
  •  Consider restricting the marksdwarves to a burrow by name. They’re not much use if they leave that spot.
  • The current stockpile and workshop layout could be cleaned up.
  • Might want to do something with hidden/forbidden stones in the great hall to keep plants from growing in the mud.
  • Carry on with the adamantine industry.

  • We might build an outdoor tower for the marksdwarves.
  • I haven’t touched the livestock.
  • I haven’t done anything with the ceramic industry.
  • I haven’t done much with gem setting. I’ve moved the operation to the lower fortress with the magma forges, because it will be easier to use burrow restrictions with all of the workshops down there.
  • You might do some more sophisticated scheduling/alerts. I barely understand the interface. We do at least have 46 full time military dwarves.
  • I haven’t touched the caverns, except to dump water through one.
  • It wouldn’t hurt to build a new graveyard, further from the goings on of the fortress.
  • I have this notion of using the old hall/farms area as a staging area for our melee dwarves. We need bait animals to entice the goblins into the hallway. When they’re in, close the drawbridge, then unlock the doors, unleashing our troops. The defenses never seem to work out, because we’re always rescuing someone who’s outside. Dwarves are stupid.

    Floodgates block the depot from the front gate.

    Cole1114, you’re up. I’m sorry for the delay.

Here’s the file: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4533